POS computer creative design

Client: Nomia

Year: 2020

Works: industrial design, 3D CAD modelling, visualisation

Long story short. Nomia as a developer of a POS software decided to create something new and outstanding for a retail and restaurant industry. They wanted their own POS computer to be like an Apple relative to the others: too bulky and old fashioned. So, I have tried to design it. See clients presentation of a product and buy here: https://nomia.net/m1/en/

Works: research, concept design, industrial design, dirty prototyping, CAD design, renderings

POS Computer M-1 is a result of an effective collaboration between Nomia engineers and management, Mikhail Belyaev industrial designer and various suppliers’ engineers and mechanical designers. It is available for pre-order here.

Backstage process

One of the samples in action. There are still a bunch of the issues to be settled, however the entire design works fine in general. 

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